Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee Awards Legacy Grant to Rice County as Part of its 52 Weeks of Giving
Tue Feb 28 00:00:00 CST 2017

FARIBAULT, MN – The Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee (MNSBHC) Legacy Fund today awarded Rice County Public Health Services with a grant to renovate a damaged Cannon River Mobile Home Park (CRMHP) playground. There are currently no sidewalks around the perimeter of the mobile home park and playground equipment within the mobile home park is minimal. The $49,918 grant will help rebuild the playground area and help ensure a safe space for families and children to gather together and be physically active within their neighborhood.

This grant is part of the 52 Weeks of Giving campaign, a year-long effort to make Super Bowl LII a statewide event by awarding 52 communities with grants that will improve the health and wellness of young people in Minnesota.

The playground rebuild project is a concerted effort by several local organizations including Cannon River Mobile Park management, Rice County Public Health, Faribault Public Schools, Rice County Statewide Health Improvement Partnership, and Growing Up Healthy, a local coalition that addresses social factors influencing immigrant and refugee families.

“This renovation is about more than restoring a playground where our neighborhood youth can be active,” said Julie Trnka, manager, Cannon River Mobile Home Park. “It also will help foster a sense of pride because the project serves as a reminder to residents that their health and longevity is important to the sustainability of this community.”

The Cannon River Mobile Home Park is home to a large number of Latino families. According to school district demographic information, most children residing in the park qualify for free or reduced lunch. The grant will help underserved youth have an equitable opportunity for health and wellness by providing a new outlet for physical activity and a location where friends and neighbors can gather outdoors, safely. Collaborating partners are committed to providing support for the residents of the mobile home park; neighborhood leaders and Growing Up Healthy partners will help ensure that the park continues to be a place where youth can participate in fun, healthy activities, including easy access to a playground.

“Community partners and residents have already started working together to improve health opportunities and resources for the neighborhood,” said Deb Purfeerst, Director and CHS Administrator, Rice County Public Health. “The park’s renovation helps to advance those efforts, by giving these children access to playground equipment and physical activity opportunities that youth in other communities routinely enjoy.”

The CRMHP playground project in Rice County supports the Super Bowl Legacy Fund’s key initiative to help kids be more active and develop lifelong, healthy habits by providing new resources for physical activity, year-round.

“The Super Bowl Legacy Fund is thrilled to help rebuild this neighborhood’s park so children and families here have a central place to gather,” said Dana Nelson, Vice President of Legacy and Community Partnerships for the MNSBHC Legacy Fund. “The 52 Weeks of Giving campaign was created to empower efforts that help provide access to healthier lifestyles for young people and families in Minnesota from all backgrounds.”

Rice County Public Health and partner organizations for the project hosted a commemoration event today at the site of the playground in Cannon River Mobile Home Park to celebrate the grant dedication. The park renovation is expected to be completed by September, 2017.

The Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee is a private, non-profit corporation formed to plan and execute Super Bowl LII. For more information visit www.mnsuperbowl.com and follow @mnsuperbowl2018 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

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